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Resin Bears #2

I did a few resin pieces for the first time in a while! I had a few little silicone cups from Japan I got months ago and hadn’t used, so I did some little bears with the bear stickers I still had. I think they are quite cute.

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Pathfinder – K’Eyra

So I joined a Pathfinder group! Yay

My character is a crossblooded sylph bloodrager and she has a lightning sword. I also technically have a bow, but lightning sword.

Lightning sword.

I had all of about 7 minutes to think of a name so I smushed K’Ehleyr and Kira from Star Trek TNG and DS9 respectively together and came up with K’Eyra.  I like her a lot.

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Dream – Redemption

I have my HL English oral presentation coming up and I have decided to be creative and do an art exhibition, because narcissistic yammering about my own artwork comes easily to me. Our text is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol 4. My theme is redemption and suffering, so I tried to draw Dream with a really exaggerated slap mark and it kind of worked.

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Suppression – IB Art Project

I’ve recently been doing a photography project as an exhibition piece for HL IB Art, involving the theme of emotion. This section of my project focused on the suppression of emotion in society, and the expectation to project a cheerful image. The pictures haven’t been put through any editing yet so it’s still a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy so far.

Thank you to my friend Leif, who suffered as I made him do things.