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Seti I

So this isn’t a particularly good painting, but I was looking at a picture of the pharaoh Seti I, who is famous for his fabulously well-preserved mummy skin. I kind of used that as an inspiration for this little acrylic sketch.

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Secret Santa 2017

A Secret Santa organized in my friend group brought this into existence:

This was for my friend Sean, who is pretty into English Literature. I thought the quote was appropriate.

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Encaustic Painting (ish)

Clickbait, it’s not actually encaustic, but I’ve been looking at Greco-Roman era Egyptian mummies lately. They all have portraits on wood woven into the bandages instead of the more traditional mask, and these paintings are largely done in colored wax, which is why they have survived so vibrantly.

I do not own colored wax, so I attempted to try something similar with acrylics on a small scale.

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Art Day 25.11.17

Today was a Saturday, and yet, I am unable to escape school.

We had an artwork session to get some of our workload done. I decided that since I didn’t shy away too much from doing hands in my last painting, I should go whole hog and have an entire hand in there. I’m not sure it was a good decision.

This is paired with my previous painting, which, if you scroll down on my main page, you should find directly below.

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Latest art piece from school this week

The initial face took about 45 minutes I think but messing with the expression was trickier, especially as I didn’t want it to look too happy.