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I’ve been listening to The Next Day by David Bowie and it made me do an angle I don’t usually, because I am deeply afraid of chins tipped back. But it didn’t fail entirely!

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Currently working on a new piece in art; I have also found my new profile picture in all things. Clever utilization of a smashed bust, the face of which remained mostly intact. I’m now adding more clay faces and piling them under dirt and glue in imitation of an archaeological dig of sorts, but it’s the archaeological dig to discover YOURSELF. Bow before my imagination.

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I sometimes wish I were European. Systemic racism and Euro-centric beauty standards aside, I’d also gain the privilege of seeing Krampusnacht, yearly (my main motivation, as should be everyone’s).

I drew a Krampus this morning.

Merry Christmas and Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and winter solstice