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Latest art piece from school this week

The initial face took about 45 minutes I think but messing with the expression was trickier, especially as I didn’t want it to look too happy.

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Tiefling: D&D

Since we’ve finished the Shattered Star plotline in Pathfinder I’ve had to retire K’eyra and I’ve been thinking about a new character.

We’ll be doing Desert of Desolation next, and I decided to be a tiefling warlock, because being a sylph bloodrager has exhausted all my imagination. I don’t know her name yet. I’ll sort out her backstory at some point.

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Connection and Isolation

My current project in IB art is centered on social connections and isolation in spite of these connections. This involved me crocheting a lot of things and sewing them together.

I also have some prints of the things I crocheted, because I crocheting takes time. It’s not quite finished yet, but I’m going to form it in some way to make the meaning more apparent; possibly I’ll stiffen it around a doll to give a human shape.