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I had to crack open a new sketchbook because my old one is FULL!

Here are a few things:

red green  

That one scanned really weirdly and the white parts came out grey and I don’t know why.




I drew that one on the train from Montreal to New York. I could probably have shaded it more but it took a while as is so I left it.

photo (58)


I also completely filled my charm box! I also have another box with stuff that’s too big. Realistically I could squeeze in a couple more small things, but I’ll probably get a new box soon.

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A couple of things

Got things today:

image (19)

Silicone for molds, tweezers, a couple of pens and some glaze.

I also did this unfinished comic strip draft thing while I was waiting for something:

photo (54)


There’s meant to be someone getting shot in the last frame but it’s not done.