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This feels like time travel. I’m writing this currently on the 7th.

Anyway, I painted a bookmark for a competition at school (the deadline of which was the 26th). The theme was Shakespeare, so I thought ‘hey, what can I paint that will involve drawing no hands and no real poses?’

Answer: Ophelia drowning.

Because I am overeager I painted these yesterday and followed this really cool tutorial on how to make it glitchy in PS6 because I thought it needed to look a bit cooler. The finished version has a quote on it but these are the three versions I made prior to adding the quote because I was having fun with the glitch effect (original painting first, digitally glitchy ones following. I don’t know what your screen alignment is).

mrk   glitchmark   glitchmarkv2

She looks a little bit less drowned in the first glitchy one, but I still like it.

A solemn apology to all of my friends, whom I badgered repeatedly asking for feedback. I don’t know why you guys still like me, but I am glad you do.



All my friends are dragons.

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