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Resin Molds

I went and got some resin molds!!!

I went to a shop that sold a lot of kitchen supplies (there was a shop cat) and got a bunch. I a pack of 2 cat head molds, which are pretty cute:mold1


I got some butterfly molds which are actually for fondant. They’re really realistic, which is nice.


I also found this, which I was really surprised to see. It’s a big mold that literally all of the resin youtubers seem to have and I thought you could only get it online, but no. There were a bunch in the shop and I freaked out a little. I doubt I’ll use all the cavities, but still.


I also got a mold which I believe is from Daiso that is meant to be used with air dry clay, but I want to try it out with resin. I might actually use it for polymer clay too.


I’ve only really had cupcake molds up til now. I’m a bit really excited.




All my friends are dragons.

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