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I am not much of a ring wearer.

I made a couple of rings today though.

They are both steampunk themed, as is a lot of stuff lately, and I made one entirely out of polymer clay after seeing a tutorial on how to make them. Mine is meant to be a metal nut with screws in it and it’s a bit big because I misjudged cutting the inner circle a little bit but it’s ok because I can smooth in a little bit of clay next time I make something and rebake it.

photo (38)

I also made a butterfly with cogs. This one is a double finger because it is enormous. It could probably have been a necklace but I have too many necklaces.

image (15)

This is yet another octopus that I didn’t post when I made it.

image (14)


The bottle is half filled with liquid clay tinted red that was originally destined to be a charm on it’s own. I decided it looked better like this.



All my friends are dragons.

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