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Golden shiny madness



I need to talk about some stuff I found.


This shiny blue stuff is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I have no idea what it is except that the package said “Coloring Powder” and was otherwise completely in Japanese and it was near some little nail art molds, so I suppose it is nail polish pigments but I’m not sure.

I found it in a little no name art store that I go to and from the outside, I thought it was a metallic dark steel color.

I was a little surprised when I unscrewed the top and found it was NOT metallic dark steel, but a quite nice shimmery blue. I wasn’t too put out, because who doesn’t like blue.


It also came with a tiny tiny spoon.


This is a red glitter that I also got.

But when I spread a little of the blue on paper just to see, it came out GOLD.


In the concentrated areas it was still blue, but it left gold wherever you brushed it.


I can’t get enough of it right now.

I used it on this steampunk octopus I made (I have been a bit hung up on steampunk lately). You can still see a bit of blue where it’s stuck in the cracks. This was the effect on black clay.


And this Golden Snitch keychain I made for my friend. This was on metallic gold clay mixed with metallic silver. The wing is a metal charm I didn’t make.


I even used it on a drawing, which I didn’t scan for fear of glittifying the scanner.


I actually drew that yesterday and didn’t post because I was lazy. I am sorry. 😦

SO, if you are ever in an art store and see little packets that say Coloring Powder with a whole lot of Japanese and a little spoon, GET THEM. THEY WILL FULFILL ALL YOUR DREAMS.


All my friends are dragons.

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