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DOLLS pt 2



So yesterday I made a polymer clay doll’s face. I also made her legs and hands but I didn’t post those.

I strung them all together with wire and a wooden stick and today I made her dress and attached hair. I also knitted a hood for her, to hide the fact that she is missing the back of her head.

It came out a bit more anime than I (33) image (13)


Her dress is all hotglued together. I made it in pieces and glued it to her shoulders. Her hair is an old purple clip-in.

Her shoes are old old Barbie shoes, because clay boots are beyond me. She has one hook hand, because good hands are beyond me as well.

I like making faces and I want to try a full polymer clay doll some time, but I think I need to acquire a few packs of Super Sculpey first, because opening all those two ounce blocks would be TEDIOUS.



All my friends are dragons.

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