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Polymer clay dragon eyes tutorial

When I first thought about making dragon eyes there weren’t any tutorials that I liked so I am making one.

You need three colors of polymer clay and a glass stone. I mixed metallic gold with black and white to make one light, one dark, and one middling. The stone can be whatever size you want.


Roll your lightest color into a snake and cut two pieces off. Taper the ends and make sure they fit around your stone.

image_1   image_2

I do this on a ceramic plate that I can put into the oven. You won’t be able to move the stone or clay once you start. You also might need to add a little piece of clay to the inner corner of the eye as a tearduct, depending on how wide you want the eye to be open and whether your stone is round or oval. I didn’t add a tearduct.

Next, get something small and thin and shape the scales. You could probably use a toothpick, but I used a small flat tool.


Continue adding layers of scales in this way, using the middle color of clay once you’ve run out of the pale one.


As you position the snakes of clay, think about how the overall shape will look. If you’re not careful, yours could end up shaped a bit oddly, as my first attempt did. A winged, tapered shape like in the picture would probably be simplest and look the best, but feel free to have fun with it.

Roll a thicker snake of the darkest color for the eyebrow ridge.


Once you’re happy with the shape, bake it and pop out the glass stone. It should come out easily.


I painted the iris on the back of the stone with nail polish, but you could draw or print out an iris on paper and glue it on, if you don’t have nail polish. I also sponged some metallic nail polish on the scales.

image_7  image_8


When the iris is dry, glue the stone back in place with superglue. You could also glue a piece of felt on the back for a neater finish. If you want to add a headpin, glue it between the felt and the eye.




You are done!



All my friends are dragons.

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