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So I don’t know what’s got into me lately but I’ve been (more) into angels and demons (than usual) lately.

I thought up this thing where this one angel framed another angel for letting the Devil into the Garden of Eden and the angel that was framed got dumped in Hell because of it.


I tried to give that one a red lighting but I’m not sure it really worked.

And then it escalated to fairies, because life is incomplete without fairies. So now angels are fairies and demons are fairies and Hell is a weird place where the sea monsters keep getting in because it’s not actually under the ground, it’s at the bottom of the ocean. So that’s what the first two are, and then there is a merfairy from Hell that I made transparent because why not.


He’s missing an arm because I wasn’t sure how to position it so I just cut it off. He’s a big boy, he can take it.

The one I posted before, under Ink, is the leader of the faction Xare, because that’s her name.
She wants to be Queen of Hell.



All my friends are dragons.

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