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New things!!!!!

I have many new things today.

I made a pilgrimage to the far-off art store and got 4 new sketchbooks that might last me more than a month this time.

image (11)

One is for my friend who needs a new one and doesn’t have time to go get one. They’re basically the same as my old one (A4, 110 gsm) but a bit more expensive because we went to the pricier art store because that was the area we went to. Ohwell.


I also got a new wide brush for painting bigger things smoothly because I have a tiny tiny brush that is good for small things but not so much for the big areas.

And a Copic marker for outlining. Copic is the brand all the actual artists and manga people use and they’re super expensive but I got a multiliner which isn’t the same as a black Copic and it was less expensive. It is the most beautiful marker but a bit hard to control because it is a brush tip. photo (25)




All my friends are dragons.

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