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Frankenstein’s Monster

We were doing the graphic novel version of Frankenstein in English and I couldn’t not.

I used a random pen I had in my pencil case because I did the outline at school and I wasn’t sure if it would run or not so initially I used chalk pastels but I did end up splashing some watercolor over it afterwards.

frnkenstrncloseup frnkenstrn

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Crochet basket

I found some crochet cotton and small hooks at the art store a few days ago.

I got a 2.2 mm hook but I think it’s a little too big for this thread. I’ll figure it out.

I made a tiny basket and a hat for one of my succulents.unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-1

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I am ice
A solid block of one cubic meter frozen
Hard, slamming down against obstinately
Dry sand in the sunless water-vapor day.

Down – and
Grains jump and stick and drop,
Glass beads in blue and shiny red,
Chattering with unknowable mirth.

Friends, like me
are ice, soaking softly down and disappearing
Some not so well, but managing.
They gleam at me with glossy gesture as frosty chips fly away.

They know. I will
Shatter into widths of twenty microns
Much too small to glitter in the
Sunless burning day, or scratch the sand, or move, or melt.