I painted something for the first time in so so long and I actually kind of like it?
It was kind of half inspired by the massive amount of 17th and 18th century paintings we saw on holiday.

There’s something funny about the placement of his head but I’m ok with it for now.


Knit Necklace

I haven’t posted for positively eons, and that’s because we were on holiday for a while in Scotland, which was lovely. I probably should have queued a few things, but everything was a bit hectic so that didn’t happen properly. sorry. :(

ANYWAY, while we were in a giftshop in Scotland, my sister saw a necklace. The charm on it was made to look like it was knitted, and it must have been made by a local artisan or something, because it was definitely made of polymer clay. It also cost something like 20 pounds, so I told her I’d make her one instead. I did, and, I’m not exaggerating at all, it turned out pretty much exactly like the one in the shop.

I didn’t have any metal bails of that size, so I found some square and triangular spike studs and bent the prongs into loops with my pliers so I could jump-ring them together. I think it came out pretty cute.




My physics teacher described an light dependent resistor and a thermistor as little monsters who become less resistant when you give them what they want, either light or heat.
I immediately envisioned a tiny LDR holding a tiny speck of light with an expression of wonder.

Backgrounds are still difficult but I think I did the lighting alright.

small monsters


I was sent some lovely jewelry materials by my aunt and my grandparents and in the package were some bails and some ribbon necklaces.
I had this pendant I’d made a while ago that I didn’t know how to use, so I finished it today. The pendant was some scrap pink clay that I didn’t know what to do with, so I shaped it and painted something quick and random on it. I didn’t think it would come out exactly like it did , but as it turned out, the bails and one of the pink ribbons suited it perfectly.