I got some new resin recently and I made a few pieces to test it out. My oreo molds were the ones I had to hand, so. Oreos.

The bigger one looks a bit strange because the front layer is made of clear resin and it’s backed with opaque pink, while the smaller one is the other way round. I didn’t know what to do with them so I put magnets on the back.

Captain America’s Shield


I am not emotionally ready for Age of Ultron.

I made Steve Rogers’s shield with a kind of antiqueish old look rather than all shiny and precise, and with a massive break in it like in the Age of Ultron trailer.┬áIt wasn’t too difficult because it didn’t need to be completely symmetrical, which was my main motivation for making it broken and cracked, but also because I liked how it looked like that. I made it with a flattened circle of black clay, which I drew the different shapes onto with a needle following a paper stencil that I traced off my computer screen. After it was baked, I painted it with glaze mixed with mica pigments and stuck a pin-back on it.