Published January 26, 2016 by glompermonster

I was using my cat molds as water holders when I was painting and because I am lazy some paint buildup happened on the bottoms. One was blue and one was grey and black and getting paint off of silicone is an arduous process so I poured some resin in and prayed it would turn out ok.

I think they’re pretty cool. The grey one looks like the moon and I love it.




Trying out Sai

Published January 16, 2016 by glompermonster

I’ve had Paint Tool Sai sitting on my computer for a while but I never really tried it out because I do not react well to change.


The main difference between Sai and Photoshop (besides Sai’s circa 1997 style interface) is that Sai has a line stabilizer which Ps6 doesn’t.

Get yourselves together, Adobe people. You’d think Photoshop would have a line stabilizer.

Another nice feature is that it doesn’t run up the CPU very much. (Looking at you, Adobe.)

Anyway, I drew a quickish thing to see if I could use it without getting very very angry and it worked! Coloring it was a bit weird seeing as clicking Multiply didn’t seem to do anything, but I guess it’ll take some figuring out.



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