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gaping gasping fish, dripping
occasionally over mediocre
show me how pretty you are.
mucus eyes roll blindly up
to see if they appreciate you,
jump back up, strike a
pose in the whipping air.
where things are shiny
pearls put to use
gold and watercolor,
crystal sounds.
I wasn’t made for sound
and singing, and cameras,
and laughter
and laughter that urges me on.

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My friend.
My most
Wonderful, beautiful
Friend. I love her,
(Less than she deserves.

My friend! She is
A brown-eyed bee,
A metaphysicist. The
Devastating edge of a solar flare.
Twenty billion blistering neurons
Warm as a crackling smile.

I don’t understand numbers.

I tag along, a lumpen piece of
Broken machinery, built from
Anti-climax and double-helices,
Mirrors that shattered.

She’s a muse in oils on a cathedral wall,
Glowing at me. I glitter it back in
Fractals. I tremble in terror when she is
Silent. She could
Annihilate me at a word.
She is kind.)

She is kind.


(this is my own damn blog and I’m allowed a bad poem sometimes.)