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The Most Original Thing Ever Painted

I saw an exhibit with artifacts from Pompeii I was slightly inspired by this bronze thing but colors are too nice so I didn’t do it monochrome.


It’s not entirely done but I don’t care at this point.

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So the 18th century was a wild time.

Let’s pretend fantasy creatures had some kind of alternative fashion because I didn’t use a real reference picture for her outfit and I’m sure there are historical discrepancies

I currently do not own any oil/acrylic paints so I bastardized my watercolor set instead by just not adding water to most of it. I probably shouldn’t do that again.

IMG_6225IMG_6222 IMG_6224 IMG_6216

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Miniature River Rock Pendant Tutorial

Remember my resin rocks post? I made a tutorial. This is that tutorial.


  • Cameo backs/bezels of your choice
  • Small stones of any kind. You could hunt for some on a beach. I had some in a jar.
  • A few toothpicks
  • Clear epoxy resin and all the tools associated with it (stirring stick, stirring cup, measuring spoon, etc.)


I used a bit of plasticine to level out my bezel, because it didn’t lie flat.


There’s really not that much to this process… start adding rocks!
I started with a big one because I thought it was easier to build around it with the little ones.


Use a toothpick to help you poke around and rearrange as you like. Try to use a variety of sizes, as this will look most dimensional and interesting, I think, but play around with it.

stg 2 stg3

Make sure to fill in every part of the bezel, so there are no gaps or blank spots. The smallest rocks are useful for filling in the little spaces. I let some of the pointy ones stick out past the edge of the bezel, just because it’ll look more interesting when we fill it with resin.

stg 4

Once the rocks have been arranged to your liking, mix up some resin to trap them there forever. Mine had a ratio of 1:3, but every brand will be different.

As you can see, I made two.

Drip the resin in carefully with your stirring stick, and don’t overfill! (I did that on one of mine.) If yours does spill out a bit, use a cotton bud to wipe around the edge and soak up some of the resin.


Make sure not to miss any spots. Once your pendant is filled, put it on a silicone mat (or an upturned mold) to set.


This is an excellent time to try to clean up the toxic mess of resin that inevitably happened all over your crafting table.

Once they set, you are done!


They are very dimensional and shiny.



Add jewelry findings and some chain to make them into a necklace (or whatever you want) and enjoy your new pendants!😀

(I also posted this tutorial as a video on my youtube channel. Pls give me views.)